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Civil Law

Monjo Abogados has a multi-disciplinary approach, which is specifically aimed to assist private individuals.

We make every possible effort to reach extrajudicial agreements between parties in order to avoid long waiting periods and additional legal costs, and always with our client’s interest in mind. Our motto is that the best lawsuit is the one that never comes about, and sometimes it is much better to reach an agreement even though it might not be entirely satisfactory to both parties rather than getting involved in a contentious lawsuit. This is of course always without prejudice and we will willingly go to court if this is the only possible solution. We can offer comprehensive services in all the following aspects:

  • Advice
  • Contracts
  • Rentals and evictions
  • Inheritance
  • Horizontal Property
  • Disputes
  • Traffic accidents
  • Disputes over building defects
  • General civil procedure/li>
  • Enforcement of foreign judgements
  • Claims for payment
  • Civil Liability claims


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